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Pusher Sean Bailey Set 2

På lager: 2
Art.nr: 6912
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A big sloper.

Despite its looks, this shape climbs very similar to the old classic Pusher Boss. The scoop has just the perfect amount of curvature to provide a positive lip that feels very reminiscent of the original Boss scoop. The opposing side is great for all kinds of compression, mantle, and bicycling moves. Fine grain texture is great on your skin and the intricate hollow back provides a very lightweight shape for setters. Bolt-on with two set screw locations.

A portion of the proceeds go directly to Sean to help him further his climbing career.

Serie: Sean Bailey
Antall pr pakke: 1
Materiale: PU Dannamond
Festemiddel: Maskinbolt + treskrue
Antall pr pakke:1
Materiale:PU Dannamond

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