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Tokyo Powder Black 330g

Art.nr: 100945
På lager: 112


BLACK is our high friction magnesium carbonate which is made with a food- safe reagent to decrease moisture.

With most methods, such as the evaporation of alcohol, moisture was found to return to the hands and holds very quickly. However, with BLACK, by compounding the main components with our formula, we have found through repeated testing that it produces good friction and keeps the hands drier longer than other chalk types. BLACK also has a fine grain, which adheres to your hands easily and quickly, so you can focus on doing your best rather than chalking up.

We have found BLACK to perform consistently in a myriad of conditions - after rain, dry season in winter, high humidity, indoor, outdoor. This well-rounded chalk has become the staple for most athletes, owing to it's consistency in various environments as they travel the world.