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So iLL Wrecktangles Volumes 4 pack

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Art.nr: iLL70
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The Wrecktangle volumes are larger than life and a great addition to the Wrecktangle family.

These four massive features will stand out on any wall and consume the climber as he or she moves across the landscape of oversized blocks. Slopey enough for tough mantle problems on lower angles and positive enough for some really tough compression climbing on the steepest wall. Wreck yo’self fool!!

Hold Count (sold as set): 4
Style: Volumes 
Difficulty: Hard
L: 68.58cm H: 30.48cm Thickness: .63cm
L: 68.58cm H: 30.48cm Thickness: .63cm
L: 58.42cm H: 27.94cm Thickness: .63cm
L: 58.42cm H: 27.94cm Thickness: .63cm
Weight: 23.59 kg / 52lbs (entire set)
Fiberglass Construction


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